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AFK Arena Awakened hero priority----- MY 2ND CHANNEL (OTHER GAMES)https://www....Right but Lucretia is easy to get early on with how many stargazer cards the game throws at us. Also if Maetria is a stronger lucretia, then its not a priority at all. Lucretia works perfectly fine even used in chapter 49+. By the time players are able to acquire an awakened hero fully ascended, it would be best to prioritize the other game modes.You could also swap Lucius for someone like Grezhul, but we can swap celehypos so that should be a priority. Also, the event basically swaps all copies, so if you did swap your new awakened you’d end up with an L+ new awakened and L Thalene. That wouldn’t be worth it as much as the Lucretia swap.

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For new players check the Beginner's guide. Midgame-Endgame: Campaign Formations guide. Find formations for specific stages on AFK Helper. Just remember this game receives patches every 2 weeks, new heroes are released every 2 weeks, and the game is constantly changing with an ever-evolving meta.The Celestials are a faction of heroes in AFK Arena. They're both strong and weak against Hypogeans. Zaphrael is a glass cannon mage that teleports into enemies and deals AoE damage. Flora is a mage that flies up in the sky and deals damage to enemies from above. She can't be targetted by anyone during a battle.We've put together a complete list of the latest and currently working AFK Arena codes. Claim your free in-game rewards today before they expire! ... 20x Common Hero Scrolls: Copy Code : 10x Common Hero Scrolls,10x Time Emblems,10x Stargazer Scrolls, 10x Arcane Staff: ... Wishlist Priority. PC Download. News. Patch Notes. Play on PC. Play on PC ...Keep in mind Awakened Athalia just came out and seems to be very strong too. If you can wait a little bit with pulling you might want to slot in Athalia before going for Brutus/Solise depending on her status. Although this is a very solid way to go still.The heroes menu is located in the bar at the bottom of the screen, in between the Dark Forest and campaign menus. From here, one can access four tabs: Formations, Popularity, Heroes, and Portraits. In the Heroes section all the heroes the player owns are shown. Heroes are characters the player can use in order to progress and participate in events, …Saurus has niche mid game campaitn use and no endgame use. He is mainly built for bosses and his si 30 is medium overall priority because of this for early and mis game accounts he is best used as a merc and not as a hero you prioritize. Eiron is a useful unit to grab take to myrhic and leave at si 15 for haste for lucretia sets. A Community-run subreddit dedicated to AFK Arena, a Mobile RPG. Members Online PSA: if you ascend Ashemira today and wait for tomorrow's free copy for the star, you'll be "saving" SG cards instead of TG cards. use tomorrow's copy to ascend, not to give the star! People in each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C. are making extraordinary efforts to improve others' personal finances. Learn all about them. By clicking "TRY IT", I agree to r...Guide to Mine Mayhem Event. Mine Mayhem is the new round of Hunter's Notes game mode. This is a guide where we will post solutions to get three stars on all stages. Stages 1-6. Alna, Grezhul, Daimon, Oden, Ferael, Flutterplume Owl. Daimon, Joan of Arc, Merlin, Palmer, Albedo, Winged Lion. Albedo, Joan of Arc, Ezio, Merlin, Ainz, Rock Crown ...Breaking down all the Awakened heroes so far! Download AFK Arena w/Bluestacks: this channel ...Ghoulish Gallery is where you acquire Collections to equip your heroes. You can unlock Ghoulish Gallery after reaching Chapter 6. The Collections can replace heroes’ original Artifacts and be used in most battle environments, including Cursed Realm, Nightmare Corridor, and Treasure Scramble. Each Collection has its own unique effects and can ...Awaken priority for next pull ... A Community-run subreddit dedicated to AFK Arena, a Mobile RPG. Members Online. Awakened heroes in campaignArtifacts are trinkets found in the Peaks of Time (Dura's Artifacts) and Trials of God (Class Artifacts). They can be equipped to heroes to boost their attributes and supply them with powers unique to each artifact. There are currently two different classifications of artifact: the 7 holy artifacts imbued with Dura's essence that any hero can equip, and the 13 artifacts crafted from each of ...Phoenix Reborn is a new upcoming, very exciting event where all players in AFK Arena do the daily quests to collect Fire Tokens and contribute towards the event progress bar and earn the rewards. Let's complete the quests and learn more about the upcoming brand-new Hero, Awakened Talene. Every day, each player is able toA Community-run subreddit dedicated to AFK Arena, a Mobile RPG.Uses stargaze cards or 500 diamonds per summon. You can also if you get an awakened hero to ascended in the Temple of Time, pause your stargazing priority list to get that awakened hero to 1* via stargazer. Edit2: June 2023 update. Some of you may come back to this now seeing that Alna and Mortas just got added to the challenger store, as well as a new Celestial in Daemia. The maximum investment you should put into these heroes is signa dimensional heroes tend to open up more team combinations once you get to the later game stages (ch 31+) where multi-fights happen and often have a unique niche. It will stall your current progress yes, but all those heroes available for purchase in lab store will always be there, the dimensionals will not. A Community-run subreddit dedicated to AFK Arena, a M

If you want to join us on this journey, please contact us via afkguide [@] Hi everyone, the AFK Arena v1.115 update is getting released soon. Please take a look at the changelog below for the full details regarding the update. Our Servers will be unavailable during Local Time: 05/05/2023 04:00 - 06:00 while we are updating the game.Thane is like the best pvp hero and really amazing in pve. Talene and brutus are used pretty much everywhere. And ezizh is probably the worst one but still has some niche uses. Thane is undoubtedly the weakest awakened hero for campaign, he is not useful at 220+ level deficits. He is amazing for LB tower though.Here is a quick overview of the rankings of Rem for the different modes of the game. Please refer to the full tier list linked below to see the ranking of all heroes in AFK Arena and full evaluation and priority. Campaign: S+ Tower: C Nightmare Corridor: S+ Cursed Realm: S Full Tier ListThis priority doesn't value the strength of the Engraving abilities like many other websites do! A strong ablity from Engraving is useless if the hero is not too useful. Also, many heroes need the Engravings more for the minor nodes stats to be able to work in higher deficits and NOT the enhanced abilities their E30, E60 or E80 provide!

Brutus (M)>Solise (A1)>Brutus (A1)>Baden (A1)>Thane/Belinda (A1)>Talene>Ezizh. To be honest, I think the order now is ABrutus then AThane then ABelinda then ASolise then …Awakened Brutus: Work on his furnitures if you chose him as your first ascended awakened hero. Awakened Solise: Work on her furnitures if you chose her as your first ascended awakened hero. 3/9 Furniture Priority: Izold: He is an amazing carry for GB tower. But he really needs his 3/9 to be a carry. Brutus: Makes him invulnerable for extra 2 ...What are Artifacts? In AFK Arena, Artifacts are the unique gears that can only be found in the Peaks of Time.Artifacts can be equipped on any hero to boost their stats and gain Heroes some special perks. In order to strengthen Artifacts and unlock new perks, players can use the Artifact Fragments, which can be obtained from the Campaign AFK Rewards and other events in AFK Arena.…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Lvl 2: Every 1 seconds, Solise heals all allies for 190. Possible cause: 1. 2. 3. As there's no way to go back through the collapsed tile,.

Added a new Awakened Celestial hero: Gavus – Keeper of Order. The new hero Gavus – Keeper of Order will be available to test play from Local Time: 14/12/2023 21:00. Added a Bountiful Trials event for Gavus – Keeper of Order, as well as its Arena of Trials event “Guild Trials’, which shall commence on Local Time: 14/12/2023 21:00.A Community-run subreddit dedicated to AFK Arena, a Mobile RPG. An Awakened Tierlist that actually makes sense right now. After seeing so many bad Tierlists, I figured that I’d make one that actually makes sense when rating heroes accordingly to the bigger picture. As in, how bad is it when you don’t have X for your entire account.The current most damaging hero, Belinda has no equal in the game. Her whole kit is oriented to damage and she's so good she starts working from L status; she's omnipresent in all game modes and although currently her PvP (TS) game is not as good, she can be used no problem. A must get hero and #1 priority. S Tier: Lyca and Safiya.

The Graveborn are a faction of heroes in AFK Arena. They mostly consist of fallen heroes that have been raised from the dead and now reap havoc upon Esperia. They’re strong against Lightbearers, and weak against Wilders. Notably, there are no support heroes for Graveborn. Silas is currently the only Graveborn that's capable of healing other ...Here is a quick overview of the rankings of Mulan for the different modes of the game. Please refer to the full tier list linked below to see the ranking of all heroes in AFK Arena and full evaluation and priority. Campaign: S Tower: C Nightmare Corridor: C Cursed Realm: A Full Tier ListThe release of the last faction awakened hero has spurred many to ask the same questions (myself included). Here is a quick guide that might help people out regarding priorities. …

The question is just more nuanced. It depends on your Mirael is also a great carry until RC Lv160. You should ascend 5 fodders to L+ as fast as possible to get RC Lv160 as fast as possible. Then you can use your L+ fodders to ascend a good hero to Mythic. Thoran is the strongest PvE hero in the game. But he only works on Late Game at high level deficits. So he is not a high priority for tavern ...The dimensionals that are used for their effects, like Merlin, Prince and Queen are mostly ok being linked to a rarely-used hero that you haven't built stars on, rather than a starred hero that causes conflicts with what you can use. Rough star priority. Heroes that care a lot about their attack stat. Heroes that care a lot about their health ... Unless you are hosting Thanksgiving, you are most likely going to A Community-run subreddit dedicated to AFK Arena, a Mobile RPG. Member Let's explore the hero Awakened Athalia - Harbinger of Truth who is part of the celestial faction. What is she capable of, abilities, team synergies and a de...Hi everyone, along with the AFK Arena v1.126 update, a new "Beast" Radish Rotunda has been added to the gaming sequence. Adventurers can unlock "Beasts" by clearing Stage 10-40, which will enable them to send beasts to battle alongside heroes. "Beasts" are basically AFK Arena's very own battle pets feature. They can level up the A Community-run subreddit dedicated to AFK Arena, a Mobi Main Selling Point - the king of CR. Meta Relevance - Owns CR, meta in TR for a new account for Kane, honestly - will be used in every game mode for a new account. Optimal … Oh great, I just finished to max Scarlet,Author. Gavus - Keeper of Order Gavus - Keeper of Order&#xAwakened Hero Priority 1. 2. 3. As there's no way to go back through the collapsed tile, you now need to lighten up the altars next to the door in front of you and it will open (3). Step 4 - go to the top and clear the two camps there and collet the two Golden Chests. Using Awakened Talene will make the battles a lot easier at this point. I have below a hero priority for every faction but in general here’s how the faction should be prioritized (e.g. when selecting your faction epic hero card from summons, using Faction Summons and other choices that you have in AFK Arena that involve choosing something faction related). Early Game (Until Hero Level 160): The maximum investment you should put into these heroes is signat Leveling Skins. Before we take a look at the different heroes let's cover some facts first. Leveling a skin to Level 60 will cost you between 30,000k skin stones (default skin) and 55,000 skin stones for champion skins and other special skins. Also, check out my full tier list of all heroes in Hero Wars here (Mobile and Browser version) and I ... Maetria’s Place In Awakened Priority Lis[A Community-run subreddit dedicated to AFK Arena, a MobilWu Kong is designed based on the most famous character (Sun Awakened heroes priority . ... Athalia definitely won't replace them, but could be so good to get ahead on the priority list. The only hero that Athalia could replace is Thane imo, so Brutus and Solise are extremely safe to build. ... Afk Arena souvenir box just arrived. Won it in the Re:Zero contest 😄Let's explore the hero Awakened Safiya - Maestro of Power who is part of the mauler faction. What is she capable of, abilities, team synergies and a detailed...